Professionals I work with

I welcome the opportunity to work with professionals from diverse backgrounds and professions, including student counsellors, qualified counsellors, life coaches, youth workers, social workers, and those in other helping professions.

I am able to work with a range of modalities. Having trained integratively. I have also undertaken further training to work with different groups, and have extensive, comprehensive qualifications and CPD schedule.

My experience

I first became a supervisor in 2015 when I also completed my year-long clinical supervisor training at Metanoia. Since then I have ensured inclusion of elements of supervision in my continuing professional development (CPD):

  • Brighton Therapy Partnership : Colin Feltham, Helena Hargarden, Robin Shohet: Clinical supervision in the 21st Century
  • The Centre for Supervision and Team Development (CSTD): Robin Shohet & Joan Wilmot: Annual Supervision Conference

I also updated my skills to reflect more upon the supervisory relationship and my role as a clinical supervisor 2018-2019 by completing a Diploma in Supervision at the CSTD. This course was run by Robin Shohet & Joan Wilmot. My research topic was “Equality and Power in the Supervisory Relationship” and was published in Self and Society.

My philosophy of supervision

I believe that principles of equality are key elements to the supervisory relationship (see: competencies for multicultural supervision are at the core of my approach – [Rapp, H. (1996). Working with difference: culturally competent supervision].

I aim to offer you a safe, non-judgemental space in which to come and explore your client work within a mutually respectful relationship and with an attitude open to learning from each other. I offer encouragement, support and challenge in keeping with the core conditions. I am happy to negotiate the supervisory journey, as co-driver but equally happy to take the wheel as and when required. I believe it is essential for the supervisory space to be a place for you to address the thoughts and feelings that arise within you from your work with clients, accordingly I keep you in mind as a whole person whilst also attending to the ‘business’ at hand.

Models of supervision which I am mindful of as frameworks for the process of supervision and the supervisory relationship include:

  • ‘CLEAR’ supervision model (Hawkins & Shohet, 2006)
  • The seven-eyed supervision model (Hawkins & Shohet, 2012)
  • The extended model of Clarkson’s (1992) ‘brief supervision checklist model’


  • Currently I only offer supervision at my private practice in Croydon due to my busy schedule. I work one-to-one and am also able to accommodate small groups of two or three
  • I guarantee my availability for you by holding specific windows of time open for our sessions
  • I match frequency with your needs i.e. 1 hour fortnightly, 1 hour monthly, 1.5 hours monthly

Please feel free to contact me for an initial discussion around your needs and how we might work together.