Coaching for Personal change

Many people come for coaching to overcome old habits, fears and limiting beliefs, and to find structure for new and empowering ways of thinking and being. When you have more options you can make better decisions and live the life you want; coaching can help you discover paths to new and satisfying alternatives.

I have experience of working with young people and adults in a mentoring, coaching and counselling role within educational institutions, voluntary organisations, and in a private setting.

When might you find coaching/mentoring useful?

Life changes University Choice Dieting
Decision making Career progression Anxiety
Adult education Change of career OCD/Hoarding
GCSE/A Level examinations Returning to work Trichotillomania
Degrees/Masters Sole traders Irrational fears

How we will work together

I listen warmly, attentively and patiently to clients within a relationship based on trust, empathy and equality. I offer an encouraging environment for you to explore your options. Core principle that I work by are respect for you as a person, confidentiality and a non-judgemental approach. Our work will be solution focused and we will progress at your pace towards you achieving the goals or outcomes you desire. Whilst the focus is on future outcomes we will acknowledge the effects of the past and I will support you in an impartial yet encouraging manner through the whole process as we work towards achieving your outcomes. We will work together to recognise ambitions, goals, barriers and challenges, and then look to identify the tools you need to reach the outcomes you want.

Please feel free to call me 020 8656 7832 or email if you would like to explore how counselling might help you.