1. These services are only available under the following conditions. You:-
  • Reside within the UK
  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Are not receiving other therapy
  • Are not at risk of harming yourself
  1. I provide the following services:
  • Telephone counselling
  • Web Video/Telephone counselling
  1. Sessions are booked with me in advance by email or telephone 020 8656 7832. It normally takes 24 hours to arrange but can sometimes be done more quickly. Sessions are held using audio/webcam/telephone or any combination of these. I hold sessions on VSee as I believe their encryption and privacy settings are more appropriate for online counselling. Even though you may sometimes see me online on VSee I would only expect you to contact me at the agreed time for our session.
  1. The charges for my counselling service are set out on the fees page. Payment is due in advance of an agreed counselling session via Bank Transfer.
  1. Emergency Contact: In the event of technology failure (e.g. computer or internet breakdown), we each undertake to send a text message to the other person’s mobile phone – this is essential if we have a session booked and helpful if you know you can’t answer my email when you expect to. I will provide you with my mobile phone number when you register for counselling with me.
  1. Number & length of calls: We can begin by working together for one call and then agree how frequently you would like to continue. Please note that I cannot answer calls outside the agree times.